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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to my sweet baby Harper,

You are almost 26 months old, and so full of life! You LOVE your big brother, and think the kid hung the moon. You do whatever he says (even if it means getting in trouble with your mama!) About 11640 times a day, you and your brother will stand on the couch and yell out, "let the wild rumpus start!" and then precede to jump onto a pile of pillows awaiting on the floor. You have the absolute best belly laugh in the world that is contagious even when your mama is not so happy with you. You have such beautiful, dark curly hair that pretty much has a mind of its own. As much as I condition and [attempt] to tame it, the curls sprout out every which way. Moments after the sun rises every morning, you follow suit. I can hear you get out of bed [around 6 am] and whisper to your brother, "Cargon, wake up. Wake up Cargon." You absolutely love to sing-your favorite song [this week] is the ABC song (l-p sounds more like "whoa whoa whoa whoa p") You  also have some very intimidating dance moves. At every meal while Carson blesses the food, I peek at you and try not to laugh. You close your eyes so tightly, all the while feeling your plate with your hand, and quietly eating until you hear "Amen." And I cannot write this post without mentioning your pride and joy. Baby. What words can I use to describe your unwavering love for that blue lion? You love on, and carry, and include him in all of your activities (including eating...) You even wipe his face after each meal. Your still such a sweet, sensitive baby and I dread the day you turn 3.




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  7. Such a cutie! And I LOVE his name! We just named our newest little man Legend Harper, so I really mean it when I say I LOVE that name : ) Too cool!

    I loved reading your last post and "getting to know you". You sound fun! And I love that dress you're wearing!


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