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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the scent of Mary's worship

I read Angie Smith's "I Will Carry You" a few weeks ago and read something that really stuck out to me, so I thought I'd share.

A chapter in the book was dedicated to the story of Lazarus. Now truthfully, I've read that passage several times over the years and even though I understood the significance of the resurrection, I never really "dug deeper" into the story. 

As everyone knows, a celebration was held in honor of Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus, brother of Martha and Mary. At one point during the feast, Mary (without regard to the lavish scent or expense) shattered a bottle of perfume, pulled her hair down (which was not culturally appropriate for Jewish women to do in public), and dipped her hair in the perfume, anointing Jesus' feet. Just days later is when Jesus was crucified.

Now heres the part that really stuck out to me...

Angie writes, "the scent of the perfume surely would have been on His skin a few days later when He was beaten and crucified. So, in essence, every time a Roman soilder's whip hit Him, the scent of Mary's worship was released and rose all around him; a reminder of who He was."

Pretty amazing. And theres more...

After Mary watched the crucifixion, she probably wandered the streets in sorrow, mourning the death of her Savior. But here is the part that I have never considered before. 

"Everywhere she went, every step of the way, she was followed. Every person she came into contact with, every stranger who saw her cry, every home she entered was being filled with something intangible, a gift that would be with her for many days to come. It was the scent of love for her Savior, and it was caught in her hair."

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