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Friday, July 16, 2010

mini conversations...

Note: These will probably not interest you in the least, but I was just thinking about the random conversations I had with the boys today, and just had to write them down here on my "journal"

(While on our way back from the store today)

Carson: Mama. Mama. Look at me. LOOK AT ME mama.

Me: Carson I can't, I'm driving.

Carson: Look at my finger mama. Mama LOOK

Me: Carson I can see you from the rear-view mirror.

Carson: No mama! Look! Turn around and look at me correctly!

That last part sounds familiar.... :)


Carson: Mama, you know what? When I'm kick-teen I can watch grown-up movies. Yup, when I'm kick-teen.

Me: yeah, sure Carson.

Carson: only I can't watch cary movies. I don't like cary movies. No, just regular grown-up movies.


Carson: Mama, did you know that I'm your baby?


Harper: mama. mama. mom. mama. mamamamama.

Me: Harper! I'm on the phone! Wait a minute!

Harper: (pause.....) mama. mama. mama. mama. mom. mom. mama.

Me: What??!!

Harper: (pause...) Do you know where my baby is?

Me: I don't know Harp....In your bedroom?

Harper: oh. ok. kank you.

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  1. aww...they are so cute!!! love the movie conversation!!!


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