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Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Swap!!!

My real-life friend Bethany suggested we do a "blog swap." I've never done one before, so someone kindly inform me if I am (or not...) doing this correctly! ;)

Okay...So lets get to it.

This is Bethany

And this is her family

I met Bethany and Brock (7ish) years ago when they moved to the area. They were young, newly married and living on love and cents.

Now before I share with you the next picture, I would like to first provide you with a few details...

1. We had just spent the weekend skiing.
2. We didn't have make-up on.
3. It was early 2004.
4. We didn't have make-up on.
5. We were about to make the long drive back home (hence the stylish attire)
6. We had no make-up on.
7. This just may be the worst picture ever taken of me. Seriously.

Side Note: Bethany please don't de-friend me :) I tried my best to "fix" the picture, but there wasn't anything I could do. Really...there wasn't anything I could do. hahahaha ;)

Okay, so enough of that. I asked Bethany 5 questions for the Blog Swap and here are her responses:

1. What have you learned throughout the years about marriage?

Bethany: One big lesson that was hard for me was that eventually that 'puppy love' fades away. I remember when this happen for me - I was devastated, but then I realized it was because my love & commitment to Brock was {is} much deeper & larger than 'just a feeling.'

More recently I've learned that little gestures make a huge difference! A sweet text during the day, doing things around the house that no one asked for, etc. I get excited when Brock brings me home a cold Diet Dr. Pepper. :) It just reminds the other that you were thinking about them, even during the busyness of their day.

2. How do you entertain Deacon while homeschooling the girls?

Bethany:  ha. . . I don't :) - I'm actually currently working on that one. He usually sits with us for the first 45 mins or so writing his 'letters' and such. He will also do puzzles & color for a bit too. The girls do their reading lessons at separate times so usually one can play with him while I'm doing lessons with the other.

3. Do you feel as though you are stereotyped (or judged) because you are a pastor's wife?

Bethany: Yes - but for opposite reasons than I think most ministry families are judge/stereotyped {that being that they seem to have it all together}. I have often said that 'I like to think I break the pastor's wife mold.' {Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is still up for debate} I'm not outgoing. I'm very shy. I'm often very unaware of what is going on around me. I'm opinionated {and sometimes voice it when I shouldn't} I enjoy fashion & loud music & tattoos - I think that if others are judging me it's because I am not what they think I should be. God has brought about much freedom to me in this area of my life in recent months. It has been very liberating for me to realize that all I have to be is . . me. As long as He is pleased with me, I really don't care what others might think.

4. What do you struggle with the most as a Christian?

Bethany: I don't think I have ever fully grasped the magnitude of God's love. I think because I grew up in the church, I was very aware of all the 'rules'- I was very concerned with making sure that I was pleasing God {trying to make sure that He wasn't going to be disappointed in me} that I never really got that He loved me - no. matter. what.

I also have a hard time embracing the freedom that Jesus offers. I think that we, as the church, do a really poor job of teaching this.

5. Do you have any household/child rearing tips that you would like to share?

Bethany: ummm . . . I feel really unqualified to answer that question {considering I have at least one meltdown a day!} but I guess I would say . . relax. It's okay to have a bad day or even a bad week. Think about the bigger picture. As for household stuff, the best advice I can give is to always straighten up your home before you go to bed. It makes for such a better morning!

You can read more from bethany@our{simple}life here:


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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. yep, I'm glad you enjoyed this b/c I am officially de-friending you! haha! That picture is just another sad example of why I should N.E.V.E.R. have short, blonde hair ever, ever again!! Also, this is why I hate sweatshirts & t-shirts- they add pounds :) ha! {I was preggo here too, so that's gotta count for something :) }

  2. At least you have an excuse! I can't quite say I was pregnant at that point! hahaha


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