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Monday, September 13, 2010

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how excited Kane and I were about the impending arrival of our niece. Aleah (Kane's sister) and her husband, Chris, were due to welcome their first child around October 15.

Shortly after I wrote that post, we found out that Aleah had Cholestasis of Pregnancy (click to learn more). Her doctors decided that as long as the baby remained healthy, they would wait until she was 37 weeks gestation (which would be the week of September 20th) and induce her.

Well apparently, their little girl had other plans.

Saturday around 6 pm, we got a call from Kane's mom informing us that Aleah's water broke and that she was already dilated to 4 cm.

We called my mom to come watch the boys and hurried to the hospital.

Six hours and a few cups of coffee later...

This beautiful, perfect little angel arrived:

We are all quite smitten. Especially her daddy.

She weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz (not bad for 5 weeks early!) and is 18 1/2 inches long.

I had forgotten just how small a newborn is until I held her. And holding her just reaffirms my initial instinct of not allowing my boys to touch her until she's at least 6 months old! ha!

We are just beyond thrilled that she is here, and most importantly, that she and her mama are doing great!

He has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!

Psalm 126:3

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