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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Update...

Harper and I are back from Chapel Hill...Harp is scheduled to have surgery to remove the "malformation of the venous vein" (they no longer think it is a hemangioma) from the bottom of his big toe on October 18.

The reason Harper is in pain is because the venous vein that has formed is over 1 cm wide in diameter (pretty big for a two year old's toe...think the width of an adult's pinky finger...) The large bulge containing the venous vein is what hurts him...and it's located on the bottom of his left big toe, and on the side next to his second toe.

 Anyways, its very large so once they re-remove it, theres a chance he will never have feeling on the bottom of his toe again.

Over the next few weeks, theres really not much I can do for Harper. I can put a brace/bandage on his foot to give him support, but he probably won't leave them on. He can't really walk well with shoes on (he walks on the side of his foot) so I'm kind of at loss what to do when we are out. I guess I'll be toting all 33 solid pounds of him around for the next few weeks ;) (I had to today all over Chapel Hill because genius me forgot the single stoller).

There is still so much I want to write about concerning our short time at the Ronald McDonald house, but Tropical Storm Nicole is rolling in right now!

All for now...


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