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Monday, September 27, 2010

here we go again...

Almost exactly one year ago today (September 23, 2009), Harper had surgery on his toe to remove a large hemangioma. 

And now, a year later, the hemangioma has grown back. His surgeon warned me this could happen, but he was "95% sure we got it all."

Recently, I've noticed his "bad" toe has been bothering him. If he steps on something or falls, he cries out in pain.

This morning, Harp woke up limping. If I touch the hemangioma, he yelps.

So I called Chapel Hill Children's Hospital, and spoke with the PA. They want to see him immediately. So Harp and I are heading to Chapel Hill tomorrow evening, staying at the Ronald McDonald House for the night, and first thing Wednesday morning, we have an appointment with his surgeon.

Everyone please keep us in your prayers...

Besides the fact I am worried for Harper and it breaks my heart to see him limp, I have a lot of school work due over the next few days...School work that I can only complete at home because earlier this year I bought a new desktop computer rather than a new laptop computer. See my dilemma?

I will keep everyone updated as best as I can.

I'll leave you with a current picture of Harp's toe...the picture really doesn't do justice to the size of the hemangioma, but you get the point...


  1. Praying! Hope it all goes well :)

  2. Maria- we'll be praying for Harp, poor little guy :(- Carson is more than welcome to come hang out with us if you need help! Give Harp a big hug from me!

  3. Thanks Bethany!!! I have tomorrow and Wednesday covered, but if they want us to stay past Wednesday I may be giving you a call!

    ps-Harp has been talking about you nonstop since Sunday at church :) he loves his "befany" ha!

  4. oh dear.. praying much for sweet Harper!

    thank you for stopping by and leaving me sweet comments.

    much love and prayer for Harper,


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