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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Weekend...

Our Halloween weekend (or rather, "Fall Festival" weekend...) can basically be summed up as follows:

Candy. Baby. Candy.

On Saturday, we took the boys to Kane's childhood church. Carson was a T-Rex and Harper a Cowboy:

Saturday night, while my SIL and BIL went to a Halloween party, Kane and I watched this beauty:

Oh my goodness....It has been too long since we've had an infant in the house...

We literally sat on the couch and just watched her sleep for at least an hour.

If she so much as hiccupped, Kane would run to her Pack & Play just to make sure she was okay.

Speaking of Hiccup, have you seen How to Train Your Dragon?? We watched it with the boys on Friday night, and I must say, I really got into it.

Moving on...

Sunday we took the boys to our church's "Fall Festival"

It was really warm out (high 70's) so we couldn't let Carson wear his dinosaur costume. So we improvised and he went as a cowboy, too.

They had such a great time. Their absolute favorite was the giant firefighter that walked around.

Actually, they liked the firefighter a little too much.

As in I was having to peel their little bodies away from him.

And I think they freaked him out a bit...

I mean they were practically groping the poor guy...

Oh my goodness...

Hope everyone has a great week ahead...

We have to go back to Chapel Hill on Wednesday for Harp's post-op appointment.

I think his toe is healing well...there is some dry skin peeling/surrounding the wound, but I'm quite certain that it is just fine.

Leaving you with a few pictures of it...

It looks so much better than it did here.

PS-Did anyone see The Sound of Music cast on Oprah on Thursday??? That use to be one of my favorite movies growing up...I mean, who hasn't pretended to be Julie Andrews standing in the middle of a field singing The Hills Are Alive!? Cause I sure enough did! :)

PSS-I cried like a baby when the real Von Trapp grandchildren sang Edelweiss. Like a loud, ugly cry...Harp-bless his heart-went and got me a tissue. Sweet baby...

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  1. Awww these are such cute pictures!! Looks like you had some fun.

    Thanks for the picture update on Harp. glad its healing fast.

    yea i love The Sound of Music...i've watch for almost 20 times...:)



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