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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen Renovation-Part 1

We officially started renovating our new house this past weekend!

I am soo excited about all of this...It really is starting to sink in that this is really happening!

The most important part of the house that we wanted to do first is the kitchen. The kitchen in the new house in by far my favorite room. BUT it is also the room that needs the most work done!

We are by no means done with it yet, but we have started the grueling task of painting all of the cabinets.

Here is the before picture of the kitchen (with my working task list):

1. The cabinets. This picture really doesn't do justice to the ugliness of them! ;) We are painting them from the current color (what I call "smokers white") to Country White. Anyways, after pouring over paint color samples for hours, I finally decided on Country White. I am just so excited about this color! The island is also getting a fresh coat of paint and new hardware as well.

Before starting this task, we decided we would just purchase all new hardware for the cabinets. However, the other day I came across a  DIY blog that gave me the genius idea of simply removing the cabinet pulls and spray painting them. Soo...we decided to give it a try. I figured that if they didn't turn out good, then we would just buy new ones! Anyways, Kane gave them one coat of black paint and they look soo good!!! We still have to give them another coat, but for $10, not too bad!

2. The second thing we want to do the kitchen is get a new refrigerator. As you can see, the current one is (a) ugly and (b) way too big for the space. We aren't looking for anything expensive, just a simple (white?) refrigerator.

3. The walls in the kitchen all need to be painted. I'm still in the process of picking a wall color but I think I'll probably end up going with either "Stonehenge" or "Dried Grass." We'll see! ;) (note: the picture below is of Dune Grass-its a bit lighter than the ones previously mentioned!)

4. The fourth (obvious) thing we need to do is get rid of that ugly fan! I like the idea of having a fan in the kitchen, so we'll probably end up replacing the existing one with a larger one. (Does anyone want the one shown? :)

So thats my working task list for the kitchen! The flooring and countertops are all new (my camera is really bad and it makes the floor look odd in the picture!). But I promise you it looks so good!

Heres a sneak peek of what we've done so far:

Any tips on what we should do with the hinges on the cabinets?? Because of time constraints, we are really trying to avoid having to take them all off to paint/or replace! My mom suggested (she) just take a small paint brush and paint each and every one...Meticulous task, right?!


  1. That's a big task. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it is all finished!

  2. so much fun!! After pictures when your done please!!!:)

  3. yes, you should def take your mom up on her offer - she's offering you always accept :) if the fridge isn't way too big, i think i'd just paint it & use it . . families of 4 need big fridges{is that a word}& that saves you all some $. also, if that fan is just too ugly than maybe paint it - but i would keep it! i soooo wish i had a fan in my kitchen {since usually about once a week, something smokes really bad . . i know, surprising right?!;) } plus, w/ how hot it gets here in the summers, it would be nice to have a cool breeze in the kitchen . . . and finally, i'm totally up for helping! you know i'm a sucker for diy projects!!!! btw: that kitchen is totally awesome huge!!!! i'm so happy for you all!!

  4. @Bethany-this is how clueless I am about this whole thing-I had NO idea you could paint refrigerators!!! I googled it and it looks so easy! I can deal with the fridge being too big for the space just as long as it isn't "smokers yellow" anymore! :) thanks for saving us (hundreds) of dollars with your tip!!!

  5. yes, girl! when we moved to this house all the kitchen appliances were white & our fridge was almond {aka smokers white} so i appliance painted that bad boy & you'd never know the difference :) seriously, i'm really up for helping anytime! i loovvee befores & afters :) {kind of a sick obsession;)} i still can't get over all that storage! you aren't gonna know what to do w/ it all! ha!!

  6. @Bethany: I know, right!? I'm going to neatly space out everything in the kitchen cabinets! ;) Oh and don't worry, you offered and I WILL take you up on it! :) I will definitely need your help with painting the fan (and figuring out what color to paint it!)

  7. I think I'm back up to speed with your sweet family. Yay for a new kitchen! Yay for a different house! Boooo for having to pack, move and then unpack!

    Hope it's seamless for you!


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