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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Renovation-Part 2

To get caught up on our Kitchen Renovation, click here.

So we are still working on the kitchen.

Little by little, it is coming together.

We are done with painting the cabinets and pulls (although we will go back and touch up a few areas) and are about 75% done with painting the walls!

This leaves us with appliance-painting the refrigerator, dishwasher and range hood (thanks for the tip, Bethany! ;)

Oh...and that pesky fan...I'm still deciding whether I want to paint it or replace it...Honestly, because of time-constraints, I'm thinking about just buying a new one...We shall see!

One more thing-let me just note that due to varying screen-resolutions, the color of the walls will probably not look like they do in "real life." I know my screen makes them look bluish...the actual color is Green Tea Leaf by Olympic.

So one more time...here is the "before"

And the "during" (remember, we aren't done yet!) just try not to let the ugly refrigerator throw you off! :) :

Let me clarify something...when I said the kitchen was "75% done" I actually meant to say the kitchen and dining room are 75% done...I don't think I've mentioned this on here but what we will use as the dining room (aka the breakfast nook) is attached to the kitchen. Here's a picture of our dining area that we have painted:

We HOPE to have the rest of the walls painted tomorrow and the appliances painted on Saturday.

So stay tuned for an "after" picture!

Here's a peek at what we will be painting ths weekend:

The living room:

As well as the entryway and hallway:

Happy painting! 

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  1. looks awesome!! paint is the cheapest way to trasform!!! i really want to come see the place!!!


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