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Friday, February 18, 2011

my must-haves

this is about to be the most insignificant post i have ever written.

but thats okay.

i thought it would be fun to list my daily "must-haves"

maybe one day i'll look back on this and laugh?!

so here goes...

my number one favorite thing that i could not function without (exagerating a bit?) is my crossbody purse:

for obvious reasons, it is an absolute lifesaver when i'm out and about, juggling the boys. regular purses constantly fall off my shoulder, so crossbody purses are perfect as they allow me to easily access cash/cell/etc. without having to worry about it sliding down my arm.

another of my must-haves are my Toms. they are ridiculously comfortable and easily coordinate. i've had other brands of canvas slip-ons and they suffice as well. Toms are my favorite brand because of their "one-for-one" campaign-for every pair you buy, another pair is given to a child who does not own shoes.

next up is tresemme no frizz-creme. need i say more? i have bushy/kinky/wavy hair that is sooo hard to tame. i have straightened my hair almost every single day since middle school (which cannot possibly be healthy) and this no-frizz creme helps control the fly-aways. i have easily tried a hundred different brands over the years, and this one (so far) prevails.

another "necessity" of mine is my beloved covergirl clean make-up. i have (naturally) incredibly dark circles under my eyes. the skin around my mouth is red (a constant rash from various irritants) and the rest of my face is pale white. with so many different color tones going on with my face, covergirl's clean makeup does the job in making my face one tone (for the most part ;) i haven't really looked into other brands because i'm not keen on the idea of spending too much $$.

and finally, my chapstick. due to the aforementioned color-tone issues, i have yet to find a lipstick color that looks good on me. and to be honest, my lips are addicted to chapstick. i constantly have to reapply for fear of red, burning lips. my favorite is the classic softlips brand.

so thats that. my daily products that i cannot live without (joking).

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