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Monday, February 21, 2011

bear with me...

So...I finally got a new camera!

Kane and I went out Saturday night for a child-free dinner (by the way...for the locals-you HAVE to try Brixx Wood Fire Pizza at Mayfaire...it was the BEST pizza I have ever had!!! There are also other locations dispersed throughout the South) Anyways, afterwards we strolled around Mayfaire and wandered into HH Gregg where we bought a new camera. I've never had a dslr camera before, so I haven't a clue how to work it! :)

I've been playing around with it and finally figured out how take pictures...If I ever find a free moment, then I plan on watching some tutorials! (i.e. how NOT to cut off someone's face while taking the picture! ;)

Out of three of my test subjects, I only had one who was actually willing to pose for me.

and if you guessed it was Carson, then you would be correct.

he loves having his picture taken.

actually, he just loves to be the center of attention.

so i'm just asking that you all bear with me.

i'm not a photographer. nor do i want to be. i just want to be able to take "good" pictures of my family (i'm totally willing to settle for decent).

soo....anyone have any tips on how to work the thing? i have (from i what i understand) a very simple, easy to use camera....only i seriously have no clue what i'm doing! :) any help would be appreciated!


  1. I think you are doing pretty good so far.. its all trail and error.. playing around with it, that is how I learned :)

  2. please tell me you got a canon?? :) it is trail & error . . . and most of the 'making pictures look good' is all in the post editing anyway - which you already know how to do :)
    oh & brixx pizza is like the only pizza i will eat! i'm thinking double date!!!!!

  3. Yes! I actually did get a Canon! (is it sad that i actually had to go check and see?? :) Brixx is seroiusly the best pizza i have EVER had!!! double date sounds fun!

  4. I love Brixx too! Nice pictures, they look great.

  5. 1st thing-READ THE OWNERS MANUAL.

    That helped me tremendously (though, I'm not very good either.)

    2 - this is more of a photo taking tip than a camera tip but it's helped me take much better pictures....

    When you look thru the view finder, imagine the entire box cut into thirds (vertically or horizontally - depending on your subject). Then, to make pictures more appealing to the eye, try to put the subject into 2/3 of those boxes, leaving the other 1/3 mostly empty.

    But that's just an idea. I think you've done great so far!


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