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Monday, June 27, 2011

the week ahead

our week ahead is going to be super busy.

{one}: we have vbs every evening this week-the boys are super excited!

{two}: we have harp's appointment scheduled for early wednesday morning-because we live almost 3 hours away from chapel hill (with traffic), harp and i will probably head out that way tuesday night and stay at the ronald mcdonald house. please continue to keep harp in your prayers.

{three}: this thursday marks four years of marriage for kane and me! because of vbs, we won't be able to do anything until later this weekend sometime (hopefully!)

{four}: last year my laptop crashed so we bought a desktop. call me crazy, but i actually prefer a desktop... because of the hours of internet classes i take, a flatscreen monitor is much easier (and more comfortable) to do schoolwork on then a laptop. however, the obvious problem with desktops is portability. because i know there will be multiple appointments away from home with harp, we decided to get a netbook....you know those mini-laptops with 10in screens? ;) i actually like it a lot and it will certainly serve it's purpose of getting some schoolwork done when i'm away from home!

and now that i have a webcam,  i'm going to google how to skype people (i know, i know...i'm a bit behind). and once i have that figured out,  i'm totally going to get up with bethany@oursimplelife. so there's your warning, bethany! ;)

hope everyone has a great week!

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