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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more prayers for harper

if you've been following along, then you know that harper had an MRI done in chapel hill almost two weeks ago to see if the mass in his thigh was a fatty tumor.

they were so certain that it was a fatty tumor (lipoma) that i wasn't really that concerned about it. obviously i was worried, but the doctors had all convinced me that it was just a fatty tumor and the MRI would confirm it.

a week passed and i hadn't heard the results yet. after playing phone tag with the head nurse for several days, dr. gage called me while i was at church tonight. 

he told me that the tumor in harp's leg is not a fatty tumor like they thought.

he is actually not sure what it is. he took the MRI report to the head of pediatrics at chapel hill, and that doctor didn't know either.

what they do know is that the tumor is inconsistent in form. it is made up of different tissues and is irregular. 

he is going to take the MRI scans to an oncologist to figure out what our next step will be (probably a biopsy).

please please please keep my baby in your prayers. truthfully, we were a bit blindsided by the whole thing. 

we will continue to update when we know more.

UPDATE: Harp has an appointment scheduled with an oncologist on Tuesday in Chapel Hill. 


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