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Thursday, August 11, 2011

AWESOME news...for the most part...

**i edited a few things on here because i was in a hurry when i wrote it....like when i said it was a "venous malformation" instead of "vascular malformation" (his toe was a venous malformation)...and a few other minor points! ;)

i have like 5 minutes before i can go back and see harp, but just wanted to update...

harp does NOT have cancer!!! when the doc went in to do the biopsy, they saw that it was a cluster of veins (vascular malformation) JUST like he had on his toe (that was surgically removed twice!). even though he has had  a sonogram, two MRI's and a CT, the surgeons were completely taken off guard that there was NO abnormal tissue growth!

great news? it's not cancer.

bad news? well...i don't know if i have been clear on how LARGE this "cluster" is. the surgeon said there are dozens and dozens of veins intertwined. so removing it would be a major surgery that could be very dangerous due to excessive bleeding during surgery/danger of lack of blood flow post-surgery. there is a treatment they may try first in which they inject meds into the main vessel to try and "freeze" them and stop them from growing. we will be seeing a specialist soon.

anways, that's all i can type for now. we are not out of the woods yet, but are so extremely BLESSED that it is NOT cancer!

we have to stay the night again (for precautionary reasons) and may have further treatment tomorrow. i'm staying with harp at the hospital tonight, so i might have more time to update later!


  1. Oh my gosh I am so relieved!!!

  2. Oh, Thank the Lord it's not cancer. I pray that they are able to have a game plan to attack this cluster and ensure it doesn't come back. Any idea what causes this?

  3. Thanks all! We are rejoicing right now! @Tara: i'm not really sure what causes it. we do know the vasular malformation on his toe was there at birth, so it is possible that the cluster in his leg has been there since birth as well and has continued to grow...his thighs have always been "thick" so we could have just missed it all along. hopefully we'll know more when we meet with the vascular specialist!

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