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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the next few days

the next few days we will be in chapel hill.

tomorrow harp will be having an MRI done around noon and then a CT scan following. sometime after that we'll have a pre-op appointment. we'll be (hopefully) staying at the ronald mcdonald house wednesday evening, and then at 7:30 am on thursday, they will do an incisional biopsy. somewhere in between all of the appointments/procedures we will also meet with harp's oncologist. if everything goes well, then we will be coming home thursday.

i'm sure ya'll are tired of me begging asking for your prayers, but if you will, please pray for these specific things:

-first and foremost, that the biopsy results yield a cancer-free diagnoses.

-anytime harp has to be sedated, it makes me nervous...just pray that he reacts well to the medication.

-safe traveling both to and from CH. my mom and carson are both coming with me (kane will stay so that he can go to work...at this point, i would rather NOT have to worry about finances along with everything else.)

-also pray that there will be a room for us at the ronald mcdonald house. the RMH works on a priority/first-come, first serve basis. if there are not any rooms available, then we will have to stay at a hotel. they do pay a large portion of the hotel bill, but even so, it adds up. just for us to go to/from chapel hill is about $100 in gas (not to mention breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks). if we are able to stay at the RMH, then we do not have to pay for a place to stay or for food, as it is all provided for us.  because we have been making SO many trips to and from CH, it would be a great blessing for us to be able to stay there!

thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers!


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