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Friday, August 5, 2011

baby #3 details

on the morning of June 16, we (ahem...I) took a pregnancy test and it was a big, fat positive! we were elated. unfortunately, just a few hours later, i was with harper at his 3 year check up and his pediatrician found a lump in his leg. you catch that? the same morning we found out we were pregnant was the same morning our world was turned upside down with the discovery of a tumor. so yeah, that's kinda how these past several weeks have been. a mixture of pure excitement (at welcoming a new baby into our family) and daunting fear (of the unknown in regards to harper). 

baby number 3 is due february 24, 2012. i am exactly 11 weeks today. 

at our first ultrasound, we saw the baby moving around like crazy and it had a strong heartbeat. i've debated whether i should share such personal information on the web, but at this point (with everyone knowing), we might as well throw this part in...the baby was measuring right on track, but the gestational sac was measuring quite a bit smaller. my ob told me that it was only slightly worrisome, and to "forget that I even mentioned it." yeah, doc thats not how it works. anyways, we (i'm) a bit worried, but know that all will happen according to God's will. we have another appointment at the end of the month.

we just told the boys yesterday, and they are SUPER excited! they both are pretty adamant about wanting a sister (as is their daddy), but i wouldn't mind having another boy ;)  besides, we are prone to having them!

speaking of boys, i chose a male ob-gyn this time around. call me crazy but i prefer men. they are soo much nicer and "gentler" than women. women OB's also tend to have a "suck it up" mentality. anyways, this is the same doc that delivered harp (and our niece Annlyn!). i told him about what was going on with harper and he was so great and reassuring. he also told me that if we ended up having to seek treatment in chapel hill for harp, that he would coordinate everything for me.

symptoms...lets see...since around week 8 i have had pretty bad nausea...this is pretty new to me as i didn't really get sick at all with my previous pregnancies. i've also been SUPER tired (go figure), and have had lots of aches (normal). we told our families over the 4th of July weekend, and have otherwise kept our mouths shut (except for me telling a blog friend and a real life friend). ;) 

if your curious, carson will be 5 when this baby is born (and in preschool during the day!) and harper will be just shy of 4. i know it's silly, but i'm worried that if this one is a boy, then how close will he be to the boys? the boys really are best friends. they are only a year apart and LOVE each other so much. so how will it work out when they have a little brother 4/5 years younger? the boys will go through school together, and this little one will be so much farther behind. and if its a girl....whoa....i will have to be extra strict to ensure that she wouldn't be spoiled rotten! by the way, the grandparents are already referring to this one as "she." ha! i have a feeling they will be in for a rude awakening! ;)

okay, so i'm sure i have bored you all to death, but just wanted to share some of the details!

i hope everyone has a great weekend! i know i will-kane is taking me to get Chili's Classic Nachos, hold the jalapenos, add guacamole! :)


  1. I'll be praying for baby 3 as often as I pray for Harper (and the res of the family). I do have a suggestion about the 2's company 3's a crowd thing....just plan on having another shortly after this one. Then you'll have 2 sets of 2. Problem solved. :-) And I've always thought that 4 was the perfect number of kiddos.


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