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Monday, August 22, 2011

a few things

as usual, beware of choppy, incongruent sentences.

my final semester of school has started so things are really going to be hectic from here on out!

i am so ready for school to be over. SO ready.

carson starts pre-k september 2...only he's going to have to miss his first day because he has a dentist appointment! go figure. we were getting the oiled changed in our car on saturday and were killing time by walking around walmart...i had planned on getting his bookbag at target (i saw a few that i liked) but his eyes fell upon the ugliest bright-yellow marvel superhero bookbag i have ever seen. i quickly talked him out of that one, and he fell equally in love with a batman one. so we caved and bought it for him. and the matching folder.  have mercy, he is SO proud.

 umm....so is it even possible that i'm already in my 2nd trimester? this is going by SO fast already. i'm way too busy with school at night (aka blogging time) to blog about my pregnancy weekly (like so many bloggers do), but i'll do a post from time to time!

here i am at 13 weeks and some change (ps-my face has broken out SO bad. a nasty rash around my mouth and nose, and pimples galore on my forehead. pregnancy is SO glamorous).

have a great week everyone!

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