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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hurricane irene

**edited to add**

{weather here in southeastern NC has been crazy this past week. in just a matter of days, we have had a waterspout {click to watch video!}, tornado, felt shocks from the earthquake in VA, and now have a major hurricane heading our way!}

so yall heard about hurricane irene? 

that large, powerful storm headed to the US coast?

yeah, well the latest projected path is suppose to bring it awfully close to (as in possible direct hit) to my area of coastal north carolina...making landfall at a category 3.

although it is still too early to tell where it will hit exactly, i'm starting to get a little nervous. tropical storms, cat 1's? i'm okay with those. but a possible 3? no thanks. been there, done that (remember Fran? or even Bertha and Floyd at lower categories?)

anyways, we are keeping a close eye out on this storm and are already stocking up on water and supplies (because there will be NOTHING left in the stores if you wait until later this week!)

we are also preparing to move further inland IF this storm does indeed head our way...

because by the looks of it, we will be impacted in one way or another.

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