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Monday, September 12, 2011

preg and such

okay, FIRST of all, before you see this picture of me I want you to know two things:

a. i really am not as big in real life as i look in this picture. the belly is about right in the picture, but i swear i have not gained that much weight in my legs, face etc. the angle mixed in with some loose pants make me look way bigger than i actually am.

b. however, i did just scarf down a footlong from subway. and on that note, i have mustard on my shirt.

a few things:

i'm 16 weeks and some change in this picture. this pregnancy is going by WAY too fast. i'm feeling some fluttering, and fully expect to feel the jabs soon enough. we will hopefully find out the gender next week when we have a 3d/4d. call me crazy, but we have a (definite?) boys name picked out and i'm going to be super sad if we can't use it. i think it flows so well with the boys names. we probably will not be telling anyone the name of this one until he/she is born because well....everyone seems to think they have a say in the name and it worked out so much better when we kept harp's name a secret. 

i've said it 100 times before, but i have no time to blog with internet classes, etc. but carson is loving school, harp is loving special time with me, and i am slowly adjusting to our new schedule.

harp and i went to chapel hill last wednesday morning for his post-op. they cleaned up the stitches, and it looks great. right now the plan is to wait one year and come back for more testing. they want to see if it is going to stay the same size or grow. from there we will make a decision as to what we will do....i was thinking about it all on the way home and it hit me...one year from now (in addition to a 5 and 4 year old) i will have a 7 month old. that is SO wild to me. 

anyways, hope everyone has a great week ahead!

edited to add:

happy 1st birthday to our sweet niece, Annlyn!

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