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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

where did october go???

seriously. october flew by for us...

i was taking a look at what our November looks like and it looks to be shaping up just as busy. 

i had a regular check up today (22 and some weeks) and was told that after my next appointment in 4 weeks, I'll start coming every 2 weeks. How crazy is that??? this pregnancy has flown by. the baby is doing great, from about week 18 on his kicks have been coming steadily.  i cannot believe how strong his kicks are so soon! kane has been able to feel him for weeks now....i told him the other day that we would be in for some trouble if this little guy is as active outside of the womb as he is in! 

school work at night consumes my time, but i hope to have some more belly shots up soon! 

leaving with a few pictures...

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