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Monday, October 31, 2011


since this is my online journal for my family, i'm going to say this a hundred times just so that i won't forget all the little details from this pregnancy...this baby is so so so active. like all day. the jabs are SO strong already. even kane can't believe how much he moves around (he's been able to feel him since around week 18ish). 

i don't think i have mentioned on here just why the baby's movements are so easily felt...he's breech. now i do realize that at 23 weeks, he still has plenty of time to flip...but my concern is that he won't because he obviously loves this position so much. he plays kickball on my pelvis/bladder all day (which makes for interesting car rides :) anyways, because there is less cushioning on my lower stomach than my upper, his movements are very easily felt.

here i am at 23 weeks:

saturday night was our church's fall festival. the boys had a blast, but it was SOOOO cold. heavy winter coat/gloves/toboggan cold...which is unheard of for coastal NC this time of year.

anyways, right before we left we let the boys go crazy in the bounce houses. along with the boys were about 6 other much older boys going nuts in the bounce house...and of  course you know what that means...someone is bound to get hurt. 

and that someone was carson....a kid went full speed at the side of the house and bounced back hitting the back of his head on carson's face. ouch.

poor carson woke up today with such a swollen eye.

he was a trooper though. unlike little brother who was ready to seek revenge. "cuz dat kid was bad and he hurted-ed my brodder."

hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I'm with Harper on this one - Harp and I are going to find that kid and punch him in the throat!!!


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