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Monday, November 14, 2011

its that time...

its that time of the year...

mid-November means something big for me...just 3 weeks left of school, and i am d.o.n.e. 

i've been waiting for this time for quite awhile...while most students (regardless of age) get burned out, i get energized. just knowing that i only have a few weeks left pumps me up...

so while i (was) super excited about finishing up these next couple of weeks, something pretty tragic happened...friday night my beloved computer crashed. i say crashed, but i'm not entirely sure what happened with it...theres not a virus or anything and its less than 2 years old. it just won't cut on. it doesn't light up or even act like it wants to... and everything is plugged in correctly. anyways, as it is i'm working on my netbook right now. and yall, netbooks are great for basically surfing the web, but are NOT capable of handling the programs i need for school. so hopefully when we take the computer in this week, they will be able to fix it quickly without breaking our bank.

just for comparison, this is the size difference (ignore the million little finger prints/smudges on both screens):

its also that time of year...

it is such a great ministry and i love that my boys can get involved. with the hub-bub of the Christmas season upon us, (and especially now that carson is almost 5), i want them to understand that how we live is not how others live.  i want them to know how incredibly blessed they are. they were so excited when i took them to the store to get the items to pack the shoe boxes. 

and i was even more proud at their consistent prayers for the children that will be receiving the shoe boxes. 

the other night, carson finished up his prayer like this:

"...and God i pray that the children that get the shoe boxes really like their toys....and i also pray that mama has fun on Black Friday. Amen."

Yes, it is that time of year again. ;)

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