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Monday, November 21, 2011

my weekly thing.

yes, i feel like a cow.

yes, i have in fact gained lots of weight.

yes, i do realize now that non-maternity sweaters are not flattering.

and no, i don't want to talk about it.

26+ weeks:

in other news, the nursery is coming along. no pictures yet, but we did purchase curtains, curtain rods, paint for the bookcase, and baskets for the changing table...now if i can actually get all of those things up and functioning! as said before, we aren't really doing a "baby" nursery or even a theme nursery, just a lot of neutral colors to grow on. 

this last weekend marked our first "christmas" weekend of the season for us! kane and i got A LOT of shopping done for our families, although i cannot say more then that because they read my blog ;) we also got all of our christmas stuff out and in the nursery until next weekend when we'll decorate (we always decorate the day after thanksgiving). 

i also finished this:

i have mixed feelings about how it turned out, but i spent way too much time on it to not hang it...so up it will go!

hope everyone has a great week!

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