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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

just some halloween pictures.

carson had his pumpkin party at school on monday so harp and i went to "assist." 

i loved seeing carson interact in his class and harp had SO much fun too. they painted pumpkins, made witches brew, witches hands, spider doughnuts (my favorite ;) sang, and of course ate pumpkin pie. i brought carson home early from school and the boys and i spent the rest of the day "carving" pumpkins and enjoying this time of year (which happens to be my favorite).

here are the boys' pumpkins before we slaughtered them (carsons-left, harpers-right)

witches hands. there is suppose to be candy corn on the tips of the fingers, but somehow they disappeared. 

post-slaughter. yes, i know. they look terrible.

the boys wore masks all day. we take them to several fall festivals in the weeks leading up to halloween, but have yet to take them trick-or-treating. maybe one day??

goodbye October! and WELCOME November!!!

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