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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas things, school and sad news.

its been quite the whirlwind of the past week. 

last week marked my last week of classes! i'm officially d.o.n.e....well for now. i'll go back for a few more years once our little one is older. i'm kinda playing that part by ear and leaving the timing up to God. if i go back next year or 5 years from now, i'm not sure. but what i do know is that i will welcome this time of "rest" (ha! do moms ever really get rest??) from school and am SO excited about it!

i take (took) full time internet classes and never have to go to campus, but last week i had to go twice to take two final exams...most professors don't make distance-learning students come for the final, but it just so happened that i had two professors who required it. normally, it would not be a big deal, as my mom (who is a housewife) could watch harp for me for a few hours so i could run to campus...however, she received a call midweek that my grandmother (her mom) was very sick in the hospital, didn't look good, and didn't have much time to live. so i booked her the first flight out to Texas the next morning, and off she went.

wednesday night i had my first final...no biggie, kane just got off a few minutes early and took the kids to church. friday morning, i had my second final....it was really tight, but we managed to pull it off. i dropped carson off at school and harp and i rushed to kane's work. harp hung out in kane's office for a couple of hours so i could get my last final completed. 

sunday morning while at church, i received word that grandmother had passed. my mom is understandably upset, but she is thankful to have spent a few days with her before her passing. she is also surrounded by her sisters and my brother and sister (who all live in TX). I booked a flight for my dad yesterday (AND managed to get him on the same flight home as my mom!) and today he is traveling to be with my mom in TX and attend the funeral. my grandmother's health has been declining for quite some time and at the age of 91, it wasn't a huge shock, but even so there is always a sadness accompanied with it. 

here are few pictures from the week...wednesday morning, carson's preschool class had a "gingerbread" party (they made gingerbread houses) so i went in to help out...harp LOVES to go to carson's class and hang out with him and be a "preschooler" for the day, and carson loves having me there to show off ;)

here is some of the class on the rug while i was setting up.
(ps- can you spot harper?? ;)

carson working on his gingerbread house:

sunday night was the Christmas program at church. the boys' classes opened the program by singing a few songs...of course, i forgot my camera, but did managed to snap this one (blurry pic) before leaving:

have a great week!

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