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Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas time at preschool

i just want to preface this by saying that of all the fun things carson's class has been doing lately, i keep forgetting to bring my camera. i'll blame it on my pregnancy brain. thank goodness for cell phone cameras.

friday was carson's class party. they made crafts, ate junk, and sang songs for the parents. of course harper gladly joined in.

carson is such a good brother letting harp tag along. 

singing songs: these three are carson's best friends: Cheyenne, Amani, and Chase (his other BFF, Tanner,  is not in the picture).

they even broke a pinata outside. harp got a few good swings in:

this morning carson's class went to a local nursing home and sang for the residents there. i was excited about this especially because my grandmother use to be a resident there and i knew how much joy it brought to them when kids came in. its been about 10 years since my grandmother was there (and then passed), but would you believe that i saw a man there that was a resident when my grandma was?? crazy. he's still going strong!

getting off the bus:

group shot:

carson-clearly not happy about having to take a picture :)

kane's brother (who we haven't seen since before he left to Iraq 6/7 months ago!) arrived last night with his three little girls, so we'll be spending the week visiting! 

hope everyone's week is merry!

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