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Monday, February 20, 2012

still trucking along

i'm 39+ weeks pregnant. this friday (the 24th) is my due date.

patience is not a strong point of mine and i am really ready to meet this little guy and figure out our new "normal." i like consistency.

i had a bit of a revelation the other day...this pregnancy has been SO different then the boys' pregnancies, why would labor and delivery be the same?

the boys' pregnancies were great. little/no nausea. no pains or uncomfortable aches. no false labor or braxton hicks with them. pregnancy really was smooth sailing. 

and this one? wow. :) really bad morning sickness that lasted throughout my 2nd trimester. oh, and did i mention that it came back about a week ago? yup. from about 30 weeks on, i have had terrible back and pelvis pain. some days are worse than others, and some days are almost unbearable. it hurts to walk. to roll over in bed. to step into our SUV. it sucks. i try not to complain about it too much because i hate complaining, but gracious it hurts. kane has been giving me back rubs at night that REALLY makes my back feel better, but there is really not much you can do about the pelvic pain (which is the worst). and i'm not even going to start with the uncomfortable braxton hicks AND inconsistent "real" contractions that have been plaguing me for weeks. 

okay, i'm done complaining.

anyways, last thursday i went in for my weekly appointment and the OB stripped my membranes. with the boys, i went into labor almost immediately and had them within about a day of the sweep. this time? well i'm sitting here typing up this post so obviously it didn't work :)

i have another appointment this thursday where i will get my membranes stripped again and i will hopefully get an induction date set up. so if he doesn't want to come on his own, they'll probably induce me sometime next week. the only thing i absolutely do not want is a leap-year baby. seriously, how bad would that stink to only "technically" have your birthday once every four years? i'll fight em if i have to! :)   

carson is out of school today so i'm going to get them dressed and out for a bike ride! you'll probably see me back here next monday...overdue but (hopefully) with an end in sight!

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