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Monday, February 13, 2012

the waiting game

we are officially in what is known as the waiting game.

with around 10 days left until my due date (my OB office will induce you at 40 weeks) we know that labor is imminent. at my last OB appointment, i was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. i had carson at 39+5 weeks gestation and harper at 38+4 weeks gestation so i do expect to have this little guy within a week. or not ;) he could be stubborn. this past weekend i've been having inconsistent contractions and lower back pain...actually, in the wee hours of saturday morning, i awoke to pretty strong (and consistent) contractions. i told kane around 8 am that we might have a baby that day, but after i got breakfast going for the boys, the contractions disappeared. they were far and few between for the rest of the day, and have been on and off all day sunday as well. because i never had any "false" labor before with the boys' pregnancies, this one could prove to be stubborn!

otherwise, there really isn't anything else going on. i've been busy keeping the house clean and making sure i stay on top of the laundry. i need to make one more "stock up on everything" trip this week, too. 

i cannot believe i'm posting this picture. it is SO bad of me. its crazy to see how much weight i have gained, but hopefully it will inspire me to lose it all post-delivery!

38+ weeks:

note to self: non-maternity shirts are SO unflattering this late in the game. 

next time i update my family blog, there just may be a picture of our newest son! or...another "waiting game" post! :)

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  1. Umm... this baby is VERY stubborn! But, I like that he stands his ground. hahaha Or in this case, womb. And btw, you look amazing!


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