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Monday, April 23, 2012

grant is 2 months old!

grant is 2 months old today! time is whizzing by and my baby is growing like crazy! he wears mainly 3-6 month clothing now and (i think) is going to be my biggest baby out of the three.  i don't have his stats yet, but he was just shy of 10 pounds at 1 month, so i'm curious as to what he'll be at now!

he's such a happy baby. he loves to "talk" and smile. he fusses too, but thats to be expected when your brothers wake you up right when your nap is getting good. 

he is holding his head up pretty good...we produce kids with ginormous heads, so head control is always something that takes a bit longer to master for the trochelman boys. (you can thank your daddy's side for that ;) 

i love his smile. it is so big and goofy. his big brothers always crack up when grant starts smiling.

he is starting to swat at objects and has discovered that he has these really cool things called hands. 

and the dimple in his chin makes my heart melt.

his eyes are still blue. i wonder if they'll stay or change? hard to say...carson's started out blue, then gray, then settled on green. harp's were gray then brown. 

his big brothers adore grant. like, i cannot put into words how much they love him. sure, they annoy him and are often times too rough...but i'm pretty sure grant is just as crazy about them too.

happy 2 months grant!

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  1. Aww Maria... you little Grant is so beautiful! happy boys are such a blessing!!



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