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Monday, April 30, 2012

life via the cell phone

our past week via cell phone pictures: brought to you by... 

grant aka mini carson.

carson had a field trip to the farm this week! it was lots of fun and i even took grant (and of course harper) along. it was cold and ended up raining quite a bit so we had to hang out in the greenhouse...even so, they really enjoyed themselves!

the boys studying seeds. at this point, harp is like the honorary student in carson's class! :) he did really well too...well minus throwing hay at carson's friends and in general not listening. but you know, other then that.

kane and grant. i seriously cannot get over how much he looks like carson! and yes, he really does look that big :(

love that smile!

i never take pictures of myself...i'm not photogenic at all...and honestly, i feel kinda silly doing it. 

carson learned how to tie shoes! yay! 

hanging out in his highchair watching me make lunch. 

me and kane! i think it is hilarious that kane looks like an old man in this picture! hahaha. 

we have grant's regular 2 month appointment today (we are a week behind) and we have a consultation with harp's plastic surgeon in chapel hill on wednesday to look into getting grant's skin tags removed...i'll update when i know more!

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  1. Maria, you've been blessed with a beautiful family!



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