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Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Months Old!

This past Saturday marked Grant's 4 month birthday! 

Grant now weighs 16 lbs, 9oz. & is 25.5 in. long. He's a big boy!

He wears 6/9 month clothing (& 12 mon onesies), & a size 2 diaper.

He has the best personality-he is always SO happy!

He hates to be laying down (unless he is sleeping), & wants to sit up (assisted) to see all the action around him.

He seems to have Carson's problem of practically screaming while "talking" (babbling), & loves, loves, loves his paci & rattle. He is majorly teething right now (Carson cut 2 teeth at 4 months!) so I expect a few teeth soon enough-at least I hope so-he is pretty miserable right now!

He still sleeps next to my bed in the RNP, but he sleeps SO much better in his crib, so those days are numbered :(

okay these next few pictures are super blurry because Grant can NOT sit still, but they show off his personality so well :) (these are also before his SECOND haircut!, can you spot his cradle cap?! and yes, it is on his face, too.)

Happy 4 months, Grant!!!

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