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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



we have a crisis on our hands heads here.

and by we, i mean me.

i am going bald.

i have always had lots of hair. like, enough to make a few wigs and then some. i have also always shed like crazy, too (probably kane's number 1 top pet-peeve of his. your welcome, hon).

post-pregnancy hormones have been working overtime, and i have a BALD SPOT in the front! most women really start losing hair 3-4 months post-baby, and i really have noticed it more so in the last month. i can pull chunks out easy. i have to gather balls of hair out of my brush daily. Kane and the boys complain endlessly about the hairy shower...there is no possible way to get every strand out. 

so imagine my complete shock when i pull my hair back yesterday and see this:

i know you're like, nobigdeal. i assure you, it looks worse in person.

and kane has been less then supportive. he straight up laughed at me. patted my shoulder. and then laughed some more. he ended with, "wow! i hope it grows back!" 

 do you see that hairline?! it is somewhat hideable for now. for now.

at least i'm in good company:

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  1. I also noticed that baby Sam and I started loosing our hair at the same time. His hair loss has stopped and is growing back quickly. Mine? Not so much. I'm still loosing a lot, just not as quickly as a month ago. Looking forward to that awkward grow in phase. Awesome.


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