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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Harper's Appointment

So Harp (finally) had his 4 year check-up today (3 months late)...it went okay. 

There was a scary moment when we thought he might be hard of hearing, but after a few rounds of screening, he passed. there are times when he literally will not bat an eye when we tell him something, much less respond/listen to what we said, so the hearing problem possibility has crossed my mind a few times...the doctor did confirm that in fact, he is simply disobedient :)

now one test he did NOT pass is his eye test. at first i thought he was just being difficult, but when he was able to read some of the lines with his other eye, it dawned on me that he was probably telling the truth. he really bombed the test, specifically with his left eye. which, go figure, happens to be Kane's really "bad" eye. So we have an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday afternoon to redo the test & determine if he will need glasses. 

As much as I would love to pray that his eye sight is perfect, it WOULD bring me comfort if he needs glasses in that it would explain his recent headaches. I could write a novel on this, but to keep it short, Harp has these random vascular malformations in his toe & thigh. He has had scans done of his stomach down to his toe, but has NEVER had any kind of scan done of his head. And that is something that has ALWAYS bothered me. There could be another vascular malformation growing inside of his head, & we would have no idea. do you see why him having a headache would bother me? after mentioning this to his new ped, he agreed that we should get a scan done of his head. The office is making a referral, so hopefully it will show results that can finally bring my heart some ease. 

it's also been almost a year since he had the incisional biopsy, which means he is due for another appt in Chapel Hill to actually determine treatment for the vascular malformation that is in his leg. I have been absolutely dreading this appointment.

Anyways, he is otherwise doing great and growing! 

Check back Monday night to see what the deal is with his eyes.

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