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Thursday, July 12, 2012

quick update + pictures

**Harp's eyes are fine. He has an MRI scheduled for the 27th to see if there are any AVMs located in his head. Grant's ophthalmology appt is next week (I'm taking him here locally-he has a LOT of puffy/swelling under his eye). Grant's craniofacial appt. is set for September & his genetics/metabolism appt is in November. Both of those are in Chapel Hill. Oh and I have yet to set up Harp's follow up for the AVM in his leg because I wanted to see the results of the local MRI first. And yes, if you are wondering, I have a big folder & calender that helps me keep up with all of these appointments!**

Just some grainy cell pictures from the past week!

carson & grant

the boys are currently obsessed with almond milk! 

Harp was just a little bored waiting for his eye appointment. At least he was quiet!

sweet baby.

he can roll from his front to his back!

and look who is sitting up (assisted)! 

my brood.

"Harpy" & his baby. Yes he calls him his baby.

big boy!

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