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Monday, August 6, 2012

Another tooth & VBS

Whew, life has been SO busy. Between the usual summer activities, the back to school shopping, and VBS, we have been going. 

In the mist of it all, Carson lost his second tooth! (August 2). Right after he lost his first tooth, he complained about his other tooth hurting while he ate. I forgot to check his mouth, and a few days later he mentioned it again-I checked and his tooth was SO loose! Just two weeks after losing his first tooth, his second came out!

We also had VBS last week. We have been going to a new church on Sundays for church and Sunday school, & Wednesdays at our church-I know the set up is not conventional, but it works for now. 

Anyways, as usual, Kane was in charge of the outdoor games for the big kids, and I led a group in the pre-school department. This particular group of kids (the 4 year olds) are VERY spirited :) Actually, my Harper is apart of said group. Enough said?

So as they were going buck wild at one point, I realized that this is the same group Bethany and I did a few years back! So funny to see how much they have grown-obviously there are some new faces, and some missing :( 

And just for fun, here are some comparison shots of VBS 2010 &2012. 

Carson (age 3 & 5)

Harper (age 2 & 4)

I can't believe how grown they look now! It makes this heart hurt a little bit. 

And I can't leave this little guy out-he is working on cutting his second tooth and it has NOT been fun for anyone involved! 

How can anyone not smile when they see this face!?

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