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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ophthalmology Appointment: dermoids and astigmatism

Grant had an ophthalmology appointment yesterday to check the limbal dermoids, lipodermoid, and to follow up on his astigmatism.

So the dermoids and lipodermoid has stayed the same (which was expected), but his astigmatism went from being "slight" to "moderate." 

He will definitely have to wear glasses to correct it, which he will probably get around his first birthday.

I like to joke that I have my Google, M.D. license, but I'm still learning all of the medical jargon between Harp and Grant. So heres the deal: 

The limbal dermoids have caused Grant to have an astigmatism (I think at his last appointment the ophthalmologist said it was an irregular astigmatism, but I could be wrong). The astigmatism could and probably will only get worse. What to do? Well the ophthalmologist had mentioned shaving the dermoids down a while back, but now he suggesting that we see a cornea specialist to get his/her opinion on having the dermoids surgically removed. Its a super "dangerous" surgery-meaning it is really easy to damage the eye, but Grant's eye doctor thinks that having them removed will improve the astigmatism and prevent it from getting worse. And as I mentioned before, he will also have to wear glasses.

Right now we just wait. He has been seeing the ophthalmologist every 3 months, and has another appointment set up for the end of January when he will be 11 months old. 

Grant also had an ultrasound of his kidneys 2 weeks ago. There is still stretching in his kidneys (hydronephrosis), but they have grown correctly and are the size they need to be. Praise God! We won't have to see the urologist again until next year!

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  1. I cannot understand why doctor makes things complicated here and why they took tooo long to treat the eye problems. Surgery is last and best solution and hope for the best. If dr. is competent then he should not take too much time to operate it.


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