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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 months!

Grant is 8 months old! 

Seriously cannot believe I just typed that. In just a few short months, I am going to have a toddler again. Seriously.

Grant is in 12 month clothing (tops & bottoms) and in size 18 months for pajamas and bodysuits. I just took him shoe shopping the other day and he is in a size 18 months shoes. At his craniofacial appt. last month, he weighed in at 20lbs, 4.5oz. I'm thinking he's right at 22lbs now. I think he may be our least chunkiest baby, but he is really long. 

Poor buddy tries SO hard to crawl, but he just can't get the mechanics of it right. I do think he will be crawling by his 9 month birthday, but definitely not for a few more weeks. He does, however, LOVE to stand. He thinks he is so big. 

Grant loves to eat food. Because of his narrow throat, I have been so hesitant to give him table food, but I'm going to start transitioning him from purees to chunks of food. A bit ago, we gave him a jar of mixed berries and he broke out right after. I've kept that in mind and decided to try them again later. Yesterday I was eating a piece of homemade banana nut bread and pinched off several pieces for Grant-he loved it and gobbled it up. Bad call. About an hour or so later, he broke out all over his face, and the rash was there all day. Actually, it got worse throughout the day. :/ I'm 99% positive he has a nut and berry allergy-hopefully not anaphylactic & hopefully he will outgrow it. I'm going to mention it to his ped. and get in with an allergist. Because honestly, whats one more specialist?

I will go ahead and proclaim that he is in fact, the happiest baby ever. He does love attention, but will get sassy if he feels he is not getting the proper amount of attention. Just this past week he started fake laughing & it is hilarious.

Along with the bottom two teeth, Grant also has two more teeth on top (not the middle top two, oddly enough), and is working on FOUR more. 

His eyes look SO green sometimes, and SO gray other times. Still curious about what they will end up being. His hair is a mixture of light brown, dark brown & he also has two jet-black patches of hair. We always get comments that it looks like he has a yamaka on.

And now...the picture overload:

Happy 8 months Grant!

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