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Monday, November 5, 2012

weekend fun

just a quick weekend recap!

Friday night we had our traditional family night with the boys. We ate pizza, popcorn, and watched a movie. I LOVE Friday nights with all of my guys.

Saturday morning, we went to "old" church for the fall festival. It was scheduled for last weekend, but was postponed due to the stormy weather. The boys had so much!

After we all got in a short nap, Kane and I went out for a date! We haven't been out in a long time (this is only the 3rd time since Grant has been born!), so it was SO nice to spend one-on-one time with Kane. We went to a 4:30 movie (yay for catching the matinee!) and then went for Japanese afterwards-but don't be fooled, this semi-vegetarian had the veggie noodle bowl. We usually do dinner then movie, but the other way is definitely the way to go. We usually have to eat an early dinner (when we aren't that hungry) and then rush to get to a 7-something movie. It has only taken us almost 8 years to figure this out :)

Yesterday after Church, our Sunday School Class went to the pastor's house for lunch. It was just a little chaotic with ALL of the kids, but so much fun getting to know the people we have been doing church with for several months now. Kane and I (along with another couple) actually had dinner with the pastor & his wife a few weeks ago. 

And of course, per tradition, we went to my parent's house for Sunday night dinner. 

Happy Monday!

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