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Monday, November 12, 2012


another cluster of grainy, cell phone pics from the last few weeks!

poor baby had been sick on and off for a couple of weeks. He'll spike a high fever for a day, then it will go away for a few days, then repeat. This was on the Friday before Halloween, so I took him in to the ped. and she really couldn't figure out why he had such a high fever, but went ahead and gave him antibiotics. this is all SO new to me, because the boys were seriously never sick as babies.

seriously-is there anything sweeter then this?!

I realize I have a bazillion pictures of Grant, but the boys aren't into taking pictures anymore!

He LOVES mama kisses

I went to Target last week and scored a bunch of Halloween costumes clearanced at 90% off. I paid between $1 and $3.50 for a bunch of costumes-some for the dress-up bin, and the others for Halloween next yr.! Harp is obsessed with this doctor costume!

Grant tried on the Waldo costume!

Grant helping daddy at work! Don't know if I have mentioned it on here, but Kane was promoted to the GM of his freight company here! We are SOO proud of him! Honestly, I haven't said anything because of some major drama from the previous owners. I actually thought I was going to have to shut my blog down for a while, just in case they are out there stalking it. But that's a different story for a different day. :/

my handsome Carson

Happy Monday!

PS- Mark & Sarah, Dwayne & Nikki-

If you guys are out there in the cyberworld, you need to update your blog for us! Let us know how life is going! Seriously! We just saw Mark yesterday and told him I would call him out!

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