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Monday, March 25, 2013

13 months and update

whew, these past few weeks have really flown by! I try to update the blog weekly just so I can remember this time in our lives, but I am so tired by the end of the day, that I just want to relax with Kane. 


Spring has been in the air (on and off :) so we have taken advantage of being outside whenever we can! and with the boys being on Spring Break this week, there have been a LOT of class activities/field trips these past few weeks. Grant battled a cold all last week, so he was pretty miserable. He has been sick more in his short life then the boys have been TOGETHER in 6 years. Seriously. I feel so bad for him-this past winter season has really been rough-and not just for us, everyone it seems! And even though we have to deal with seasonal allergies (which has been in full swing for me), I'm ready for the cold air to stay away for good! 

So just a few milestones to report at our house lately:

-Carson learned to ride his bike without training wheels! It's been a little overdue, but we haven't really had a chance to take them off until last weekend. He is SO proud and picked it up quick!

-Harp has TWO loose teeth! I seriously cannot believe it-he is still such a baby to  me, it is SO strange that he can have loose teeth already-especially since he won't be 5 for a few more weeks. Carson has 2 more loose teeth too (on the top) which have been wiggly since December. The tooth fairy is about to be broke! 

-Carson has been reading for several months now-he is doing so good! He hangs out in the 2nd-3rd grade reading level and can read those books at around 90% by himself, the rest with me helping him sound out words. Harp has always loved books (prob more then Carson!) and asked this week if I could teach him so we've been working on flashcards. He picked up the first two stacks so quickly that it kind of shocked me-we are going to continue with the first stack for a few more days before I introduce more. I use to LOVE to read (I can't find the time to anymore-go figure) and I love that they have the same interest in it. I just hope they'll have the same thirst for reading when they are older! :-)

Grant is now 13 months old! 

He is:

-Sleeping horribly-up 1-3 times a night. he just wants me and my bed....oh and a warm bottle of milk. he goes right back to sleep, but not without me having to comfort him first. Even so, interrupted sleep is almost as bad as no sleep at all.

-Cruising and walking around the house with push toys. He is wanting to be up on his feet more, but even so, I still predict a few more months before he is walking. 

-Talking! His favorite is "NO!" which is usually followed by a giggle. But he DOES know what it means, and tells his brothers it all.of.the.time, esp. when they are in his face or bugging him. He babbles a lot too, and I think he is beginning to grasp what we are saying to him-especially when we are talking about food :)

-He loves to eat. End of story.

-He may not be toddling around yet, but he is in full toddler mode. He gets into things, tells himself "no", giggles, and then does whatever he isn't suppose to be doing-all the while watching me for a reaction. 

-After 6 months of struggle, we have FINALLY got his constipation under control. I use to be able to keep it at bay (somewhat) with juice and prunes, but since he turned one, it's been a whole new level of bad. Along with juice and prunes, he also takes Miralax. I'm still tweaking the dosage a bit, but I have seen so much improvement.

-I keep debating on whether I should cut his hair. It is getting SO long and unruly, but I also kind of love it. I think I'll wait until 15 months :)


All for now-the kids are on Spring Break this week! 

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