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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Harper is FIVE!

I'm not sure how it is possible, but my Harper is the big FIVE today. 

I could go on forever about Harper-he is SO full of personality, but I'll try and keep it short. 

I love him with everything I am.

He is so wonderfully loving and mischievous and makes all of our lives brighter.

He loves his brothers with such intensity (Grant can attest to that! :) and cares for them both so much.

He also knows exactly what to do and say to annoy and tease his brothers incessantly  He is the best middle child I know! :)

He is my most difficult child-he defies every.single. discipline technique I have ever tried. Nothing fazes him. 

Even so, Kane and I stay up at night laughing at all of the things he did/said that landed him in trouble.

He is incredibly independent. He entertains himself and enjoys quiet play. Carson and Grant both have very demanding personalities, while I have to practically beg Harp to "play" with me.

In the same breath I can say whole-heartedy that he is still such a baby. He is in no hurry to grow up, and that makes me SO happy. I always say that he may not be the youngest in the family, but he is definitely the baby of the family.

He is hilarious-he cracks us all up without even trying. 

He sings at the top of his lungs in the shower every night.

He can work "poop" "booty" "fart" and "butt" into any conversation. 

I LOVE that he isn't afraid to be himself-he is often seen (in public) with fake glasses or backwards newsboy caps on (MUCH to the embarrassment of Carson).

In any given store, Harp is known to break out into a dance to the overhead music. And even more often, without music.

He finds his way to our bed every single night...

And then wakes at the crack of dawn and blares music. 

He always gets a big smile on his face when he sees a pretty girl. Lord help me when I have three teenage boys.

He is usually either naked or overdressed. He walks around in his underwear or dress shirt and tie. No in-between. 

His favorite things include pretend play, music, and reading.


I really can't believe his is 5-Happy Birthday to my sweet baby Harper!

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