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Monday, April 22, 2013

tidbits and a dream come true.

last week was such a sad and trying time for our country. i think (like most Americans) my eyes stayed glued to the TV for the better part of the week. we've been praying extra hard for a broken nation (specifically for the people of Boston and West Texas), as so many lives were lost, and for families who will never be the same. 


through the mist of it all, i decided to jot down things the boys said that made me smile. because, honestly, their hilarious innocence was about the only thing funny that happened last week.

here are a few smile-worthy quotes (that I could remember!) from the week:

one. so Harp is known to get into some mischief at church. Carson (the master tattle-tale(r) of the house) always keeps me up to date on what Harp does/says during Sunday School. Like come up behind Carson and a little girl he is sitting next to and whisper, "Carson and Ericka sitting in a tree..." while wiggling his little booty back and forth. But last week's antics made Kane and me literally, laugh out loud. He apparently looked through a pair of glasses, and proclaimed loudly in front of the rest of the kids, "CARSON! I can see your butt cheeks!" Bless Carson's heart-he has to deal with little brother antics next year at school too!

two. the boys don't know details concerning the bombing in Boston, but they do know there was an explosion and that a lot of people were hurt. ALL week long, when Carson catches a glimpse of the news, he says, "Man, it's a good thing Boston isn't in this country!" or "Wow, it's a good thing that didn't happen in the United States!" Sweet innocence. And FYI, I showed him a map of the US :)

three. the boys take turns blessing the food before dinner.
During Carson's prayer: "...and Lord, bring healing to the people of Boston..."
Harper's two minutues later: "...and please take care of the people who are Bost." 

four. the boys conversation the other day:
Carson: We are all sinners. Jesus was the only one who wasn't.
Harper: Nuh uh! I'm not a sinner!
Carson: Oh, yes you are, Harper!
Harper: No I'm not! I told mama the other day I was gonna start listening to her from now on!

five. Harper: "MAMA! Can I have a glass of lemonade? With eye cubes? 

six. A few days ago I heard Carson tell Harp this:
Carson: Hey Harper did you know that when you get married, you have to call your wife, 'My Lady'?? 
Harp: "Really?!"
Carson: Yup. Everything has to be, "yes, my lady. or "no, my lady." 
ha! Praying for their future wives now!

and in other news, Harp met the 'girl of his dreams' last weekend. He is slightly (over the top) obsessed with Diary of a Wimpy Kid...movies, books, etc. Anyways, the girl who plays Holly from the movies (Peyton List) was in town for the Azalea Festival. We really didn't have plans on going to the fest, but when we found out she was going to be there, we had to take him. He was SO SO excited. He wore his DOWK shirt and took his DVDs and books for her to sign. She was very sweet to him and told him that he was "SO cute." He is still grinning about it now! 

all for now!

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  1. That is so cool that Harper was able to meet and have a picture with the girl from the movie!
    Kelly L.


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