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Monday, May 13, 2013

May, Mother's Day, & Pictures

Well, I just realized I haven't sat down to blog this month (which is almost halfway over! crazy.) so I thought I would do a quick update for memories sake.

May always brings lots of outdoor fun for us! Carson had Field Day at his school a few weeks ago and had SO much fun! Carson is so competitive (first child syndrome) and loved cheering on his classmates. 

That weekend, we had our town's Spring Fest. We only went for a little bit because we were there for one reason: to sign the boys up for football. Yes, you read that right...my 40lb 6 year old (and Harper!) want to play football. I'm seriously having anxiety over it haha! It IS flag football, but still....

That night Kane and I were able to sneak away for dinner & some light shopping. It is amazing how renewing it is for me AND our marriage to be away from the boys for a few hours.

Last week, Grant had another appointment with the Cornea Specialist. If you remember last, his two eye doctors were at odds at what to do next (either surgery to remove tumors, or glasses for astigmatism). They decided that due to the riskiness of surgery, they would try glasses first and see if it helps. We have another eye appointment at the end of May so we'll know more about the glasses then.

Harp's preschool also had a field day! It was so much fun to watch!

Grant has always had eczema, but it has REALLY flared up over the past month...Harp has a well-child check up later this week, so I'm going to ask what to do about Grant...we've tried over-the-counter stuff and its just not working..it is progressively getting worse. 
This was last week...it is much worse now.

I had such a good Mother's Day! I LOVE the handmade crafts and cards the boys made this year...their messages were so sweet. We had lunch with my parents and my MIL after church...Harp has been sleeping horribly lately (allergies/snoring), and Saturday night was particularly bad so he was beyond exhausted Sunday. I wanted just a few pictures after lunch, but he was DONE. 

One of my personal favs: the boys with my MIL

The boys with my mom and me:

and this one is from my MIL's FB. haha!!!

the only family picture we got: at least he tried! haha

and I snapped these Sunday morning. This time, Grant was the uncooperative one! Pretend you do not see the TV remote. haha!

and one more:

Hope everyone has a great week!

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