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Monday, May 20, 2013

sicklings and checkups.

Last Monday morning, Harp's preschool called to tell me he had thrown up at school.  oh no...not another stomach bug. when I went to go pick him up, he was grinning from ear to ear...he was fine, haha. I'm 100% positive that something he ate didn't sit well (like mother's day lunch from the restaurant). Even so, he had to stay home Tuesday as well. Grant was thrilled. (<-- i="" nbsp="" sarcasm="">

Tuesday evening before dinner, Carson said his throat hurt...i didn't think anything of it until Kane came home from work and asked what was wrong with Carson- he was laying on the couch shivering under a blanket. I went ahead and kept him home Wednesday...i hated to because he has missed so much school this year from being sick, but he was running a low-grade fever and didn't look well, despite being in good spirits. Harp had his 5year check up scheduled for Thursday morning, so I went ahead and called to see if they could squeeze Carson in just in case. He woke up Thursday morning feeling awful, so off to the ped's office we went. He ended up having strep (3rd time this school year!) and they gave him an RX for antibiotics and steroids (this throat was really swollen). Once he got the meds in him, he was feeling so much better, but even so, no school for him Friday either. 

Harp's check up went well. He just went through a very obvious growth spurt last month, so his stats were high. The only major issue we've been having with him that was addressed at the appointment is his sleeping. He started snoring sometime last year and it has progressively gotten worse. The last few months have been horrible-he's been waking up several times a night, getting into bed with us, tossing & turning, snoring, and overall just getting really crummy sleep. I know he isn't getting restful sleep at night (which is also why he has had several tantrums lately-something we haven't seen from him in years). I figured it was his tonsils obstructing his airway, and his ped. confirmed that they are indeed enlarged and "too big" for his throat. They are setting us up with an ENT to hopefully get them out soon. I am NOT thrilled about another surgery for Harp (this will be his 4th in 5 years of life), BUT he really needs this to get good sleep at night...(we all do!).

off to the peds: Harp was scared he was going to get a shot (he didn't).

Grant thought I had lost my mind to sit him between these two!

Saturday we went to my MIL's company picnic. It was so much fun! 

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