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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toddler/Baby Glasses

Grant's glasses came in! 

The first time he let us (ha!) put them on, he kept looking around the office in awe..the ceiling, racks of glasses, people passing by...his eyes moved slowly from one object to another. 

"Watch him." the optometrist whispered. "He's seeing everything clearly for the first time. He can see now."

 Today is just Day 2 of wearing them, but he seems to LOVE them! I'm really kind of shocked..I thought he would be ripping them off and that I was going to have to break out major bribery tools to get him to keep them on...but he rarely messes with them. The only time I (consistently) see him touch them as though they bother him is during meals...I'm thinking that the new depth perception might bother him when he's reaching for food on his high chair tray.

Speaking of depth-perception, he is having a lot of balance issues standing and walking with his glasses on. He's very clumsy and has been tripping quite a bit, but once he figures it all out, he's going to be perfect.

Watching the evening news (which is the only show he'll watch other then Jeopardy :)

He might be unsteady on his feet, but he can still balance on his head! 

I know we are just a couple of days in, but I'm so excited for Grant to be able to see and explore the world in a new way! 

all for now! 

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