Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,“This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

child of the one true King.

Just wanted to drop in and write a few lines on my "journal" to document such an important part of Carson's life. Tonight, Carson asked Jesus into his heart! 

He's been asking questions for months now...Kane and I have had several discussions about whether or not he actually understood the gravity of the decision he was about to make. It's so hard, because you DON'T want to deter him from God (Luke 18:16), but you also pray that it is a genuine commitment. 

Carson moved up to the "big kids" class on Sunday mornings at new church (yes, we're still doing the two church thing :/ anyways, he has been reading his bible and asking a lot of questions lately. Things have been really starting to click for him. He may only be 6, but he was ready.

I held my breath when they made an invitation at VBS tonight for kids who want to be saved. I watched the little faces walk by me, but didn't see Carson (or Harpers). Those invitations always scare me-I don't want my boys to follow the other children just because. You know? The music started back up and several minutes later, I could see Carson shuffling his little feet back and forth. He tapped his leader on the shoulder, (C: "is it too late to go to the back and pray?") He left the pew and started walking, Harp following close behind. Kane walked with Carson into the fellowship hall, I grabbed Harp in the hallway. Me: "Harp-do you wanna go talk with them about Jesus, or do you want to go back in the sanctuary with me and sing?" Harp: "Sing!" :) haha!! 

Kane told me he was given a small group of boys along with Carson (He's an RA leader still) to talk and pray with. Afterwards, Carson told Kane he wanted to pray and become a Christian. So Kane and Carson walked into a quiet room (the church library) and with his earthly daddy, my sweet boy asked his heavenly Father into his heart. 


I have no idea why in the world God would entrust Kane and I with such an amazing blessing that Carson is. At barely 19 years old, WE-in all of our selfishness and sin-became parents to such an amazing child who changed our lives and continues to do so now, 6 years later. 

We are SO proud, and our hearts are SO full! 

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