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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

Tuesday morning, we took Harp to get his tonsils and adenoids out. Although this is his 4th surgery, this is his first surgery where he is older and knew what was going on. Poor buddy was SO nervous...he kept whispering to me that he didn't want to have his tonsils out and asked several times if we could go home. Lump in my throat.


He was so brave and did so well. Waking up was really bad for him-he screamed and cried and lashed out...(all which is normal post-surgery)...but that passed pretty quickly and he cuddled in my arms for several hours and watched tv while we waited to be discharged.

The surgery itself went well. He was getting his tonsils (and adenoids) removed because they were too big and he was having major sleep issues. But after surgery, his doctor told me they were in bad shape-he said the tissue was falling apart and looked like they had been infected a lot...that really surprised me because he hasn't had (diagnosed) strep much...maybe once? Obviously he hasn't showed symptoms of strep or I would have taken him in, but then I remembered when he was younger (2/3?) his ear drum ruptured from a bad ear infection that he didn't show signs of either...hmm..

Anyways, Harp was pretty good the rest of Tuesday and had a decent day Wednesday, but today hasn't been so good. He woke up this morning at 5:30 crying out, and it took forever for me to get him to calm down to take medicine. He really needs it around 2, 3 A.M., but you can't just wake Harp up. Seriously. I could calmly touch Carson and Grant and they would wake up pretty easily, but Harper? Nothing on God's green earth will wake him up when he's sleeping (well, without him throwing a major tantrum first-and even then there is no guarantee he'll actually take the medicine). Sigh. I don't want him to hurt, but I also can't wake the kid up for nothing. It's a stinky situation, but we DO find peace knowing this is temporary. 

All for now!

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