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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adios, Cinnamon Toast!

School is OUT for the summer!

Last Friday was Carson's last day of Kindergarten and Harp's last day of preschool! It was a scheduled half day anyways, and there was a 1 hr delay due to a tropical storm that passed through, which meant Friday was a 2.5 hour day. I didn't bother sending Harp because it would have been pointless, but I did send Carson just because he has missed SO much school this year from being sick-I figured he could "tough it out" (aka spend time with his friends) for a few hours.

First & Last day of Kindergarten!

First and Last day of Preschool!

Thursday was a busy day of awards ceremonies. Carson's Kindergarten graduation was very sweet-the kids marched in with their teachers singing and dancing and then each class sang a song-except for Carson's class who went last and put on a short play to a popular book Pete the Cat. Carson's part was to read a passage from the book-he did SOO good! Here's a short snippet:

**Grant was a MESS during the ceremony :/ So Kane was busy wrangling him while I filmed with one hand and tried to take pictures with the other. The filming is a little wobbly-and you'll probably hear Grant scream out a few times and hear him wave car keys, too.

Afterwards, we went to his class where he received his awards-his teacher had such kind words to say about him-we have a video of it all, but I'll spare the blog world the brag-fest ;)

Next we were off to Harp's school. Thankfully, my parents met me at my house and watched Grant for me so I could hear Harp's awards in peace-I have no idea what his deal was, but he was a horrible mess.

I am SO proud of Harper and how much he has matured this year is preschool. He did so well and made so many of his own friends. His teacher was a little emotional handing out awards, but here is a short snippet what she had to say about Harp:

*he won the Nerds Award for his "Intelligence and Hard Work in All Areas" :)

**blogger's being dumb right now...I'll try and upload it later.

I'm so proud of my boys, and we are SO excited for summertime! It's going to start off kinda stinky-Monday we have Grant's 15 month check-up and Tuesday Harp will have surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids...but once we get over that hump, we'll be enjoying our lazy days at the beach and pool!

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