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Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer so far...

So far this summer, it has done nothing but R A I N! I cannot EVER remember a summer that has rained as much as it has this past month. Our yard (along with everyone else!) is literally a big pond. Honestly, the boys haven't complained too much. They spend the days relaxing on the couch watching TV, lego building, and dressing up in superhero costumes and running full-speed around the house. When its not storming, we go outside and splash in puddles and get a few watergun fights in. 

And when I mean "splash in puddles" I mean dive head-first into the mud. Same difference.

THE thing of the summer has been Legos. I seriously may lose. my. mind. if I have to hear Carson say another word about Legos. Lego Star Wars. Lego Ninjago (?) Lego everything. I WILL say that I'm glad its Legos (which take creativity, reading/following directions, and patience) and not something like video games. 

funny story: Carson was going on to me and Kane about Legos the other day when I heard him say something about the "Ass-Ass Droids." (assassin droids). I was DYING. Bless his heart, he really thought that's how you pronounce "assassin." Kane was like, "buddy, it's assassin. " But he was pretty adamant it was "Ass-Ass." LOL. He really has no idea about the "bad" word, which is what made it that much funnier. :)

Saturday, Kane and I were able to get out for the evening to celebrate 6 years as Mr. & Mrs.! 

My MIL took this before we left Saturday night. I am so unphotogenic. And I'm also wondering what in the world is on Kane's sleeve in the picture...and if it was on his sleeve all evening? haha. 

June 30 (Sunday) was our actual anniversary :)

As I'm typing this up, the boys are watching the season premier of American Ninja Warrior...they have been counting down to tonight for a few weeks now. So funny.

All for now! 

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